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Balance move using a Bosu Ball and a weighted ball.

Amy demonstrates a great move using a Bosu Ball and weighted ball to improve balance and build strength in multiple muscle groups.

Also, I love the comfort and performance of my Lululemon Yoga pants! (Align Pant II 25”). You must try them! You’ll love them! They are designed to minimize distractions and maximize comfort, these lightweight pants give you full freedom to move. The high-rise covers your core, lies smooth under tops, and won’t dig in.

Click link to order:

I’m excited to share that I am part of the Lululemon Collective. So, I’ll be sharing pieces of gear that I love and wear on a daily basis. FYI - this is an affiliate program – which means if you purchase gear through my stories (via the links in my bio) I will be getting a commission aka you’ll be supporting my fitness journey through Lululemon products.

Thank you for your support!

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